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Laminated Timber Structures

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a renewable, engineered timber structural element that can either be used for walls and floors or to form the superstructure of a building. CLT Panels are formed of bonded, cross-laminated single layers called lamellas which are glued at 90° to each other.


The cross structure of CLT guarantees integral stability and dimensional accuracy and results in high strength panels suitable for all building typologies. Environmentally friendly glues are used for bonding.


Building with CLT is a fast and highly efficient method of offsite construction resulting in low embodied carbon, energy efficient buildings. Operating on ‘just in time’ principles, the number of deliveries to site is minimised, as is disturbance to neighbours.


CLT produces zero waste on site; manufactured to mm tolerance. CLT production is fully integrated BIM process which ensures accuracy of the material on delivery to site rather than relying on traditional workmanship.


The factory controlled manufacture of CLT is one of the material’s key benefits, providing precision engineering to 1-2 mm cutting tolerance and enabling an extremely high level of accuracy to be achieved at the design and engineering stages.


Apertures and service channels are pre-cut in  factory conditions ensuring that buildings are completed as they were designed.the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.


Internally, CLT is often left exposed as a key part of the design intent; the exposed wood creates spaces that are light and airy and at the same time warm and welcoming. The robust nature of CLT means that it a relatively low maintenance material.


Prefabricated CLT panels cut to factory tolerances allow for high quality finishing and the creation of well-designed spaces.



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