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The Highest Standards of Sustainability

Timber is better than concrete and metal.

The global construction industry's dependence on high carbon materials has to change if the planet is to survive.

Net Zero 2050

Why wait? We take a ‘Net Zero Now’, fabric first approach because we believe that creating energy efficient buildings is of equal importance to reducing the embodied carbon of the building. Using CLT we harness the benefits of the material’s high levels of airtightness and inherent U-values to achieve thermally efficient structures that can help to achieve up to Passivhaus standards of airtightness. This makes compliance with EPC standards easier and means that building occupiers will benefit from ongoing energy savings.

Modern Methods of Construciton

Changing attitudes towards climate change, waste and responsible management of our resources are driving the move to sustainable, modern methods of construction. MMC is now the UK Government’s preferred route to delivering high quality new homes quickly and in a sustainable way. Buildings account for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and a third of Europe’s CO2 emissions, therefore delivering low embodied carbon, energy efficient buildings is an essential goal that can and must be met by modern methods of construction.

Offsite Construction

The factory-based production conditions of offsite CLT construction give greater quality control and make it easier to meet and control onsite Health & Safety requirements. With fewer vehicle movements and site operatives than with traditional methods of construction, onsite working conditions are safer overall and social distancing controls are easier to implement which helps to achieve local authority risk assessments. The speed and ease of building with CLT also allows earlier access for follow on trades meaning that buildings can be occupied more quickly – a major benefit to investors.

Carbon Storage

The CLT we supply is formed of PEFC certified spruce and larch sourced from sustainably managed forests. Sustainable forest management ensures that for each tree harvested, new trees will be planted. Forests are one of nature’s greatest carbon sinks and buildings made of wood go on to store carbon for their lifetime and even beyond, should the timber be reused at the end of a building’s life.

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